Landlord Fees


You can download a copy of our landlord fees HERE for your records, or simply continue reading below.

LANDLORD SCHEDULE OF FEES (from 1st June 2019):

SERVICE FEES:                
Let & Full Management - 12% of gross rent charged monthly from the rental
Let & Rent Collection - 10% of gross rent charged monthly from the rental
Let/Tenant Find only - 8% of gross rent charged for the term
Management only - 6% of gross rent charged monthly from the rental
Caretaking - TBA
Tenancy Agreement Fee - £150
Addendum or Tenancy Renewal Fee - £70
Rent Review Fee - £40
Prior to 1st June 2019 Inventory make cost were shared with the tenants, check-out costs were borne by the Landlord and check-in costs by the tenant.  

From 1st June 2019 it is prohibited to charge the tenants any third party costs.  The Landlord will be liable for all inventory make and check-out charges, costs for inventory make, check-in and check-out vary according to the size of the property.  We use professional independent inventory clerks for all inventory services including check-outs.

Company Tenancies:  Tenant Companies will continue to share the cost of the inventory make with the Landlord and the full cost of the inventory check-in.
RIGHT TO RENT: Landlords need to check that tenants have a right to reside in the UK. Where checks are carried out by Homelet Verify a £5 charge will apply.
RERENCING FEES:  From 1st June 2019 it is prohibited to charge tenants for credit checks and referencing.  £45 will be charged for each reference, all references and credit checks are carried out by Homelet at 'Enhance' level.

Company Tenancies:  Referencing costs will be borne by the Tenant Company not the Landlord.
MAJOR WORKS: 10% of the cost of major works including partial or total refurbishments.
VOID VISITS: £30 per visit
RENT RECOVERY: Landlord Rent Recovery & Legal Guarantee Cover without covid-19 restrictions is available from 1st June 2020 at £25.00 pcm.

As at 1st June 2020 all fees quoted are not subject to vat.