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8 Great tips for packing on moving day!

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Moving day. Hands down one of the most stressful experiences you will ever experience. We all know that!
A substantial amount of people make one fundamental error when packing their belongings away to move house. They use the method of packing everything away as quickly as physically possible, which is all well and good until it comes to the unpacking.
Then comes the frenzy of throwing boxes around to try and find something that 'you definitely packed', which is aggravating to say the least.
So, we decided to try and give you a little nudge in right direction to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible.

Tips for moving day:

1.  Pack your house one room at a time!
2. Print off the labels above (multiple times if needed) and label your boxes, making note of the contents, the room and which floor it is on.
3. Wrap socks around your glasses to stop them from breaking.
4. Wrap bed sheets around any big mirrors or anything fragile.
5. Keep your valuables with you to ensure they do not get lost.
6. Store cables in empty toilet & kitchen rolls and label each one to stop tangled wires.
7. Pack an overnight bag last. You will more than likely just want to crash out as soon as you have unloaded. This will stop you scavenging for a further few hours just to find your toothbrush and pyjamas.
8. Tape your boxes and carry a box cutter for when you're unpacking (this save a lot of time).
We do hope your move goes well, and hopefully these little tips will help you on your moving day.
Once your move is complete, you need to inform all of the right services of your change of address. Make it your priority to update your driving licence, as this can land you a £1000 fine! For a full checklist of who to inform when moving house please visit

Good luck!



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